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January 9, 2020




Hi! I’d like to introduce myself to you, I’m Terry Landsberg.

It has been a pleasure for me to be a local resident, business owner, employer, father and part of our Caloundra community for over 30 years. In that time, I’ve seen the huge changes in our area and I’m acutely aware of the challenges we face from population growth, environmental impacts, infrastructure needs and resulting pressures on our local services, roads, hospitals, police, emergency services and businesses in our town.

Driven by my passion for our region’s advancement, I’m now seeking an opportunity to contribute to supporting Caloundra’s best interests and its future. I will stand for Division 2 of Caloundra at the 2020 Sunshine Coast Council election.

Division 2 has long been held by Deputy Mayor & Councillor Tim Dwyer, who was first elected in 2000 and has steadfastly and successfully represented the interests of the 4551 community and our region. I respect the work Tim has done and I am committed to continuing his efforts.

I would like to offer my local knowledge, experience and passion for Caloundra to build on all that has been achieved so far and ensure that Division 2 has a strong voice in Council. My aim is to represent and advocate for our growing community so that our area gets the attention and investment it deserves.

The first time I drove over Little Mountain into Caloundra, when moving here in the late 1980s from central Queensland, is a vivid memory. Caloundra has a beautiful coastline and a friendly, close-knit community atmosphere. I found work as a fitter and turner by door knocking and gained employment with a local transmission specialist who later offered me the opportunity to manage the business that my wife Nicole and I now own, Kawana Automatics. We have worked very hard in our business for over 20 years during that time. We are proud parents to Danika and Kane, now young adults who are also involved in the local community. Being self-employed is challenging at times, but we have made lifelong friends of our customers and take pride in our reputation for great service. I’m very aware that small business on the Sunshine Coast represents 90% of our local economy and that is a big responsibility for our regional economy, sustainability and employment.

I also understand the real need for community-based action. For three years I was a Team Leader with community organisation Rosie’s – Friends on the Street in Caloundra and, although I enjoyed the teamwork and the opportunity to meet many people with wide-ranging life experience, I encountered many struggling and homeless people who need constant help, including disadvantaged youth. This experience made me acutely aware of the shortfalls in our social support systems.

As a keen surfer and lover of the ocean I also got involved in Caloundra’s own WindanSea Surf Club in 1994. My love for surfing led me to winning an Australian Masters Title in 2012 and I represented Australia in the ISA World Titles in Ecuador in 2013; it was a huge honour for me to represent my country and our region. Being President of the Windansea Surf Club for over 11 years has enabled me to connect with many local families and community groups and I proudly worked alongside them for over 7 years to seek Sunshine Coast Council’s approval for the building of a community clubhouse to benefit the entire regional community and the many young people involved in the club.

It took perseverance, dedication and diplomacy to secure this great outcome and the effort gave me a greater appreciation for what we can achieve by working together for a common goal, especially for a result that will support people now and for generations to come. I feel well versed in the need for working cooperatively with every level of government for the good of our community and I’ve maintained positive relationships with every political representative who shares this objective.

I believe I will be a good and honest local government representative who will strive for our region’s success today and into future. I am determined to be part of ensuring that the Sunshine Coast thrives and retains our unique culture, community and natural assets.

I would be honoured to passionately represent you in Division 2. Here are some of the priorities I feel we must focus on in Division 2:

• Continued strong performance as a regional economy, creating long term jobs, new business opportunities and ensuring business confidence;

• Enhancing the Caloundra CBD and continuing its revitalisation in keeping with our commitments to liveability, smart city status and successful events and festivals in Division 2;

• Coastal rehabilitation and preservation of our waterways and nature reserves;

• Vegetation maintenance and management, including voluntary groups and research for wildlife conservation, local support for turtle care and our koala populations;

• Ensuring safe, contemporary sporting, youth and community facilities and precincts;

• A balanced, practical approach to growth and retaining the character of our neighbourhood;

• Advocacy for law and order and public safety in our streets and homes, including supporting Neighbourhood Watch; and

• Acknowledging the diversity but also the need for unity in our community, recognising the differences and strengths of all demographics to ensure a positive, creative, harmonious, resilient and safe community.

I invite you to contact me at any time for a chat or to share your thoughts with me.

Thank you for your time.

Terry Landsberg Division 2 Candidate, Sunshine Coast Election

Email: Mobile:

terrylandsberg@outlook.com 0497 588 338

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